1080p resolution projectors are often referred to as Full HD (as opposed to 720p). Until recently, 1080p projectors typically referred to home theater projectors. That’s no longer the case as more and more business and education projectors are now higher resolution before and count 1080p as one of those resolutions.Continue Reading

The best 8K projectors boast a large resolution that lets you broadcast images and videos on large screens from 150 inches and above. They are very capable and feature incredible brightness, stunning image quality and elegant design. 8K projectors are equipped with a high contrast ratio and have the bestContinue Reading

There’s no better way to play a video game or watch a movie than on an enormous screen. And now that 4K is becoming more widely available, you’ll need an incredible 4K projector in order to get the biggest screen possible. Though prices have fallen in recent years to moreContinue Reading